1xbet bet live

1xbet bet live

1xbet bets

1xbet payment methods: how to deposit and withdraw

The deposit and withdrawal functions are among the most interesting features that 1xbet offers, even if such a simple operation should not vary from operator to operator.

First of all, for incoming and outgoing transactions, 1xbet offers a bet live range of methods, from credit cards to prepaid cards and so on. Obviously, if we have a 1xbet promotion code for the subscription, remember to insert it in the appropriate fields indicated above. Even 1xbet.it, like many operators, allows us to set our weekly deposit limit, beyond which we can not go, and therefore we have a block on 1xbet bets.

1xbet payment methods

1xbet: the mobile app to play from iOS and Android smartphones

As with every 1xbet betting site, 1xbet also has its own list of downloadable apps that we can enjoy. At the moment the part relating to 1xbet sports betting is not yet available, but we have those relating to poker and casino.

The first is called “Mobile Poker” and is available for both Android and iOS. You can download it from the respective stores or scan the QR code directly on the 1xbet website in the “Mobile” section.

The same applies to the second app, “Mobile Casino” which, however, at the time of writing, is available only for iOS. Even on mobile apps it is possible to play with any 1xbet promotion code.

1xbet mobile app

F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions Is 1xbet legal in Italy?

Sometimes it is legitimate to question the legality of certain websites that offer online games, casinos, slots and so on. Having to communicate our personal data and above all to pay our money, our doubts are more than legitimate. But in this case you can sleep peacefully.

1xbet is a company that has obtained all the permits required by the AAMS (Customs and Monopolies Agency) and by all the bodies that in some way supervise the market of the 1xbet online betting in all its aspects. Moreover, another aspect that should not be underestimated, even if it does not have a very close connection with the thing, is the fact that 1xbet has several real gaming rooms, in various provinces and regions of Italy, and this would not be possible for a company that does not have all the necessary permissions.
Customer support: how to request assistance

In the event that you have doubts or concerns about any aspect of 1xbet, whether it is registration or any aspect relating to the various categories we have just seen, or even others that we have not discussed, 1xbet offers a quality customer service , which includes a live chat on working days and the ability to contact them by mail 24 hours on 24. This is the place where we can ask for information regarding the presence of any 1xbet bonus or a 1xbet promotion code.

Our conclusions on 1xbet.it

It can not be said that 1xbet was not a good discovery. Although with a different origin from those to which we are accustomed, we are facing a beautiful site, with a rich offer on the various categories of 1xbet betting and online games and even avant-garde, as it offers options that mainstream operators do not even contemplate .

On the other hand there are also some flaws, and the not offering any 1xbet promotion code is certainly the most serious, especially in a period like this when many operators seem to compete for those who offer the highest or easiest 1xbet bonus from to reach. But even a section of 1xbet sports betting dedicated to other disciplines (winter sports are missing, for example) would not be bad.

1xbet new betting partner of Juventus

1xbet is a well-known brand in Italy in the field of 1xbet bets online; is a legal operator and certified by AAMS. It has been operating in our country since 2008 and allows users registered for the service to place their 1xbet sports bets from the comfort of home, also offering various games such as casinos and slots, live casinos and poker.

Juventus, a few months ago, announced that it has entered into a multi-year agreement with 1xbet, which has become the new betting partner of the Juventus club.

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